2nd Generation Cellulosic Ethanol and Bio-refinery Technology

Yong has again successfully bridged the gap between differences in language and culture where he connects his team at ShivOm Dayal Energies (P) Ltd in India to the team at the Institute of Nuclear Research (INER) of Taiwan for promoting the 2G bio-refinery technology developed by INER. The project aims at setting up production plants in India to meet the need of bio-ethanol blending with gasoline under The National Biofuel Policy of India. Through Yong's strategic partners in Taiwan, the team together has completed the signing of EPC contract and investment agreement for the project to be implemented.

A Quick Tour Of The Technology

Biomass Feedstocks

Wood chip to ethanol

Wood Chip to ethanol

Rice straw to ethanol

Ligno-cellulosic material processing

Cellulase enzyme production

Pretreatment of cellulosic feedstock

Plant overview

Fermentation process

On-site production of high efficiency yeast strain

High quality polylactic acid (PLA) bioplastic products

Bioplastic products based on PLA derived from biomass