Imagination is more important than knowledge.

For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination encircles the world.

~ Albert Einstein, 1929

Mission Statement

We create, promote and advance innovative business ideas that help business partners grow and expand in the global market.

Our Company


True Advancer Consulting Inc. was incorporated in Chilliwack BC Canada in Feb 2018 by Yong Y. Liu and his life partner Swan. Yong leverages his 20+ years experience in research & development on scientific studies and high-tech product design and development during his earlier careers. Yong decided to embark on a new venture upon settling down in Canada in 2012. We started by exploring the potential of Green products and technology and have successfully built our business network by connecting our manufacturing and business partners to the market in different countries. We have applied our unique business model and strategy on developing and promoting a multi-million dollars project in India based on the state-of-the-art 2nd Generation (2G) Bio-Refinery Technology which convert agricultural waste and biomass into energy and products. We leverage our multi-lingual, multi-culture and multi-discipline position to bridge the gap between companies and entrepreneurs from different parts of the world. We put strong focus on understanding the need of each project nature and we took in-depth effort to develop unique strategy and team work for different cases that offer a strong basis for our project partners to work together with common belief that is essential for us to achieve our success story. 

Our Philosophy

Our business philosophy is based on one word -- #TRUST. 

#Trust on ourselves and on others sets a firm foundation for building healthy long term relationships. 

We believe in building long term trustworthy partnership regardless of differences including language, culture, belief and country. #TRUST is very fundamental for all relationships whether it is about business or people. #TRUST enables things to be transparent between team members, hence allowing the team to set its focus on working towards common goal which create an environment for practicing positive mindset, understanding and tolerance as well as goodwill which are essential in bringing positive results and success.

Our Values

Our Story

Yong, Founder

Hi, Thank You for visiting our site. My name is Yong and I love inventing. I enjoy being an idea-creator, project promoter and be the "advancer" of our projects. 

In my earlier careers, I was an engineer, scientific researcher, lab manager, product designer and R&D lead. Just few years back, I thought I should switch from my profession and live a new phase of life which I enjoy doing from home. I am glad I took the change, and in the past few years, I successfully started a few businesses with company partners where I play the roles as business strategist, project promoter and advancer, fund raiser, strategic partner as well as  global sales and marketing partner while still enjoying my passion as an idea-creator and product designer. 

I was born in a village in the south of peninsular Malaysia living a playful and colorful childhood. After completing college study at then Tunku Abdul Rahman (TAR) College in Kuala Lumpur, I further studied Master of Science In Electronics at The Queen's University of Belfast, UK in 1989. I joined The National University of Singapore for 14 years as Research Assistant and later as Center Manager where I carried out research works in the field of semiconductor, particularly on light emission studies in scanning electron microscope, photon emission microscope and atomic microscope. My research findings were granted a number of international patents, and I had the opportunities to demonstrate and exchange experience of my inventions and findings with other researchers in the US and Europe including a team from Jet Propulsion Lab, NASA during our visit to Santa Clara. 

In 2005, I was invited to join a semiconductor firm in Taiwan. I co-led a R&D team on high-tech equipment development and I was pleased to see my inventions were granted international patents. After working in semiconductor field for about 20 years, I wanted to make a change to my career and that was a life turning point for me. In 2012, my wife and I moved to Canada as new immigrants to begin our adventure and I decided to start my home business from ground zero. 

Prior to the incorporation of True Advancer Consulting, our first business began in partnership with a few manufacturers based in Taiwan where I supported the companies in marketing their Green products and technology focusing on biodegradable and compostable bioplastics. Shortly after that, I started a new business with my partner in India promoting bio-ethanol technology where I leveraged my multi-lingual and multi-cultural background and I played the role in bridging the state-of-art 2nd Generation (2G) Cellulosic Bio-refinery Technology from Taiwan that converts agricultural wastes to bio-ethanol in order to meet the huge demand set by the National Biofuel Policy of India. After more than 2 years of hard work in connecting all key stakeholders, our team is now ready to plan for the setting up of our first commercial ethanol plants in India with supports from the governments of India and Taiwan and our investors. 

As I still find strong passion in inventing, I came out with a new idea of a Full Color 3D Printing technology in early 2015 based on a very simple concept that will enable general users to produce high quality printings at relatively low cost. I filed a US patent application based on the new idea. The project has later received funding from a partnering company in Malaysia and a grant from the Malaysian government. I currently lead our R&D team in building the 3D printer prototype  and have so far gained promising results. 

At True Advancer Consulting Inc., we look forward to expanding our business network across the global market focusing on bridging the gaps between continents, languages and cultures. We always explore new opportunities to partner with individuals and companies who have innovative idea and who share a common vision to start or to expand their business in the global market.

You may also read about our story here: 

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Feel free to give me a call or send me a message at  and I will be happy to share my experiences, to discuss on any opportunity and to work together.

Thank You Sincerely


High-Tech R&D Snapshots

These are projects Yong completed during his earlier careers in research lab in university.

Our Technology Focus

These are some of the new businesses our company has successfully established.

2nd Generation (2G) Cellulosic Bio-Refinery Plant Setup Project

Strategic Position:

Director of Global Expansion

ShivOm Dayal Energies Ptv. Ltd. 

New Delhi, India


Our company has successfully applied our #TRUST-Bridging Partnership Culture to form a new strategic company in Taiwan which helps ShivOm Dayal Energies in completed the signing of an EPC contract  and an initial investment agreement for building bio-ethanol plants in India. 

Yong also plays the important role in bridging the state-of-the-art 2G Cellulosic Bio-refinery technology from Taiwan that outperforms other world class competitors in terms of production efficiency and effectiveness. 

“Let answering the call for a sustainable world be our humble mission"  ~Yong

Fully Biodegradable & Compostable Bioplastic Products & Technology

Strategic Position:

Global Business Development Partner

MingRui Biotechnology Co. Ltd.

Taichung City, Taiwan


Our company helps connect our biopolymer developing and manufacturing partners to clients across the continents. We also help promote the latest biopolymer technology to the market and provide consulting services that take the project to  investors. 

We also provide product design and prototyping services for Green packaging products. We are always happy to invest our time on creative discussions with our clients and business partners.

"Bioplastics would be our Nature's choice IF waste issue is inevitable."   ~Yong

Innovative Product and Color3D Printing Technology R&D

Strategic Position :

Co-Founder, Director of Strategy

Green Venture Design Co. Ltd.

Taichung City, Taiwan


With more than 20 years experience in product design and development in the high-tech semiconductor field, our company is capable of taking innovative idea to product development. Our R&D partners are based in different countries in Asia where we engage the most competitive manufacturing partners to help get our product ready to market.

Our experience include machine design (including 3D printer, microscopes and lab tools), consumer product packaging, 3D map modeling and fabrication, innovative product design and many more.

"We treat design challenges as our food for inventions."   ~Yong

Chilliwack, BC Canada